Rigging and Lifting

Perform detailed rigging designs and analyses for lifting, transport and placement of equipment items such as transformers, vessels, tanks, piping, valves, structural steel and other components.  Select cranes and lifting equipment; select and design spreader beams and custom lifting hardware and fixtures.  Develop detailed, safety and function oriented lift plans and layouts.



  • Work closely with lifting and rigging contractors to ensure selection of proper cranes and lifting equipment, rigging and lifting hardware for specified projects.
  • Create detailed layouts indicating placement of cranes, delivery vehicles and final location of lifted items
  • Develop detailed written lift plans identifying safety concerns, provding calcualtions demonstrating adequate safety margins for all equipment and rigging hardware
  • Provide field support to aid and coordinate with logistics of loading, delivery, unloading and placement of items.
  • Have worked on projects requiring complex and specialized rigging arrangements due to weight and configuration of equipment items.