Instrumentation and Control

AES can provide specification and programming for instrumentation, control systems, programmable logic controllers (PLC’s), supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) systems, human-machine interface systems, and automation of existing manual systems. We have experience with a wide range of process fluids, conditions, and extremes, including cryogens, steam, corrosives, fuels, and hydrocarbons. We can also provide troubleshooting & upgrading of existing instrumentation, control & data acquisition systems.



  • Industrial Control Systems Design (Electrical, Hydraulic, or Pneumatic)
  • Controller Programming, (Isagraf, RS Logix, Ladder Logic, Flow Chart, Function Block, IEC 61131)
  • Operator Control Panel Design and Programming
  • Control System Networking and Communication (TCP/IP, Modbus, Serial, RS Linx, RF)
  • Data Acquisition and Data Logging.
  • Process Instrumentation and Control, (Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Hydraulics, Cryogenics, HVAC)
  • Selection and specification of individual instruments for measurement of temperature, pressure, flow, and process elements
  • Selection of control systems with integrated feedback capability
  • Prepare specifications for the procurement and installation.