LED lighting installed in AES Idaho Falls Facility

AES recently upgraded to LED lighting at their Idaho Falls location.  This was done in an effort to become more energy efficient.  Lighting accounts for almost 20 percent of the total energy usage across the world which makes upgrading to LED lighting the smart choice when it comes to energy efficiency.

The old lighting scheme consisted of a combined total of 254 florescent T8 32W lamps all driven by 32 ballasts.  When in operation the ballasts would draw 8 watts each.  This resulted in a total wattage of 8.38 kW on a normal workday.  When operated for an estimated time of 9 hours this resulted in 75.46 kWh’s used per normal workday.

The plan was to replace all florescent tubes with LED supertubes which are capable of operating from either the existing ballasts or directly from a 120V source.  Each LED tube is a 12W lamp which results in a total consumption of 3.05 kW for the lamps.  The ballasts now would only draw 3 watts each due to the smaller load which was a total of 96 watts for the ballasts.  The total lighting load is now 3.14 kW or 28.26 kWh’s per normal workday.

The estimated annual savings for this upgrade comes to 11847 kWh’s per year.